Transforming Traditional Construction With Composite

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” – Dr Wayne Dyer

Everybody loves the look of wood, and timber has been used as a building material for centuries. Its’ natural, earthy tones have been crafted across a wide array of applications ranging from doors and walls to structural supports or frames for buildings, to furniture, floors and more.
However, natural wood is not the most durable building material for long term usage. Its’ sensitivity to extended exposure to the elements, specifically water and sun, and the dwindling supply of this precious natural resource, means constant treatment and a limited lifespan, ultimately necessitating replacement. Wood’s beautiful organic nature is the very factor limiting its functionality as a versatile, economically viable and, most importantly, sustainable building material.
Fortunately, material technology has advanced to such an extent that companies such as Eva-Last are developing new composite products that resemble the wood without any of its disadvantages.
Eva-Last composites are an advanced building material engineered to outperform traditional materials such as wood in terms of maintenance, weight, and durability. Designed to emulate the grain, subtle color variations and typical textures of timber, Eva-Last’s bamboo composites are increasingly finding application beyond the normal scope of construction into other creative uses.
1. Decks, Docks, Piers, and Platforms
The weather-resistant and waterproof properties of composites make them the ideal decking material for outdoor areas that will be exposed to the elements. No need to resort to cold, hard concrete or ceramics, their extruded bamboo fiber and recycled plastic composition create a colorfast, UV-resistant surface that’s not sensitive to water damage, discoloration, or degradation.
Ideal for patios, pool-sides, pool-covers, jacuzzis and hot-tubs, Eva-Last’s Pioneer, Apex, Infinity, and Eva-Tech ranges provide a slip-resistant surface that won’t crack or splinter. For larger platforms, docks or piers alongside rivers or suspended over lakes, the glass-reinforced core of Apex Plus provides extra board strength and stability over extended spans, with less expansion and contraction.
2. Bush Bomas, Bird Hides, or Garden Sheds
The authentic wood-look characteristics of VistaClad wall cladding provide the ideal exterior for a bush boma, bird hide, or garden shed. The embossed texture and authentic wooden colors are created by extruding recycled plastic together with eco-friendly bamboo fibers with added UV-stabilizers, ensuring your outdoor structure won’t fade or crack in the harsh heat of the sun, or be affected by freezing winters.
3. Planters, Storage Boxes and Shelving for the Outdoors
Stick with the natural theme and make a pretty planter, storage box or outdoor shelf using leftover composite fascia or decking boards. You’ll create unity and harmony by extending the same color scheme and textures into your garden, not to mention enjoy the added advantages of low maintenance.
4. Screens, Shade Pergolas, and Sunshields
Lifespan’s lightweight aluminum composite beams can be used to create decorative screens and pergolas for protection from the sun or wind. The profiles, available in various size configurations, are ideal for mounting overhead or elevated at height outside windows and facades for dramatic patterned accents. Eva-Last composites are as versatile as they are beautiful. With the convenience of easy-installation and an easy-clean protective capping, Eva-Last composites feature added protection from the birds and bees and won’t be a tasty snack for insects!
5. Curved Ceilings and Soffits
Why limit yourself to the normal geometry of concrete’s straight lines and corners? Now you can easily achieve sweeping curved ceilings and walls and dropped soffits using the organic colors of Eva-Last’s composite fascias, balusters or the VistaClad system, in either dark dramatic hues or light, airy oak lookalikes. You needn’t worry about damp or dirt, the protective coating is easy to clean and won’t scuff or scratch and is guaranteed for years.
6. Furniture, Fencing and Firepits
Eva-Last composite boards are flexible and durable, and depending on the color you select, can provide a cool, comfortable surface to sit. Ideal for a firepit, as well as for outdoor furniture such as a garden bench beneath an interesting cladded curved wall, or a window seat, Eva-Last composites are strong and sturdy and can be cut to size on site. Use it for tables, chairs, benches, or swing chairs, in the trendy timber tones! The fascia boards can also be used to create a privacy fence, a sturdy wood-look gate and even fence in an enclosure without worries of maintenance.
7. Cover-All Cladding, Feature Walls, and Fascia
Dated exteriors and unattractive walls and buildings are being given an instant update with gorgeous cover-all cladding. VistaClad’s convenient board profiles slide seamlessly onto an invisible structure, creating a striking new surface that’s guaranteed to attract attention. Use it for an entryway, under the eaves or as a feature wall inside or outside, VistaClad bamboo composite cladding adds a natural touch that’s easy to install and super low maintenance.
8. Railing for deck and stairs
RapidRail is the fastest way to finish off an elevated deck and add safety and security to your stairs, walkway, or balcony in unobtrusive, peaceful palettes. The perfect complement to your deck or stairway with matching colors and versatile options of newels, steel cables or glass paneling, you’ll love the finished look!

As more and more users come to appreciate the superior wear characteristics and versatility of bamboo composites, Eva-Last is fast becoming the leading advanced building materials suppliers on the market, globally.