Leroy Merlin Selects Eva-Last Products For Flagship Store

International home improvement, gardening and DIY retailer Leroy Merlin began rolling out retail stores in Johannesburg, South Africa, but found that the timber products deployed in the creation of a façade to support its primary branding were weathering, tarnishing, and discoloring after a short period. VistaClad and Ultraspan support beams by Eva-Last were selected by Leroy Merlin to replace the timber products to increase the longevity, performance, and consistency of the brand’s look and feel.


  • Project Name Leroy Merlin Head Office
  • Project Type Cladding & screening project
  • Challenge Needed an alternative to timber products which were weathering, tarnishing, and discoloring after a short period.
  • Solution – Cladding boards and screening used in primary branding façade.
  • Size 700m² (7,535 ft²) Screening: 980m2 (10,549 ft²)
  • Product VistaClad, Ultraspan
  • Date of Installation November 2020 – March 2021
  • Project Location Roos Street, Fourways, Johannesburg
  • Architect ARC Architects
  • General Contractor Eva-Last Projects Installed


The Rationale for Choosing Eva-Last
Leroy Merlin’s initial store façade installations utilized uncapped cladding products which were prone to staining and fading. Treatment of these products to raise their performance to match later-generation capped cladding materials was prohibitive and would require ongoing maintenance, specialized labor, and obstructive scaffolding on site.

Additionally, at one of the original sites the original specification had made use of thermally modified softwood, which required undergoing a treatment cycle to maintain its appearance before the building was opened. Leroy Merlin acknowledged that such an ongoing maintenance protocol on such a large commercial building was not sustainable.

The original cladding products were also flammable due to the wax-impregnated timber used, which constituted a significant fire risk and did not meet relevant codes of compliance for commercial application in a building of that type, height and use.

A New Solution For a New Brand
A relatively new entrant into the South African home improvement and gardening market, Leroy Merlin was looking to replicate its successful European look and feel, which made use of a timber façade at its main entrance. However, South African weather conditions being much harsher, the company found that after a matter of months the timber façade supporting its primary branding was discoloring.


Eva-Last proposed two products – VistaClad using the Apex range of bamboo-plastic composite cladding (BPC) supported by a framework of Ultraspan aluminum beams with a matching extruded composite finish.

Branding To Go The Distance
Under the advisement of Leroy Merlin Europe and supported by ARC Architects, the South African franchise elected to change its branding specification to utilize composite cladding and support structures since in the local climate BPC cladding and lightweight aluminum support structures would comprehensively outperform timber products, requiring no ongoing maintenance, treatment or replacement. Eva-Last’s 25-year warranty against warping, fading, and discoloring guarantees that Leroy Merlin’s branding will remain fresh and within specification for decades to come.


Pride of Place
This being Leroy Merlin’s flagship store and head office, all future stores built in South Africa will follow the same design, featuring a main façade cladded with VistaClad over the main entrance, and a large curved screen supported by Ultraspan beams. Leroy Merlin’s installation marks one of the earliest uses of the lightweight Apex cladding technology in South Africa.

Eva-Last’s brief was to design, supply, and install VistaClad and Ultraspan in order to match Leroy Merlin’s branding specifications. Although installation was delayed by the onset of COVID-19 in South Africa, the project is due to be completed by March 2021.

The Benefit of Going Green
An additional motivation for a change in branding specification was Eva-Last’s environmental credentials in manufacturing all products: VistaClad is produced from easily replenished bamboo strands and recycled plastics – as many as 2,500 recycled bottles are used for every 107 ft² of VistaClad produced.


“A key aspect of Leroy Merlin’s decision to switch to composites for something as crucial as primary branding was the longevity of our products. With almost no upkeep, Leroy Merlin’s main customer-facing façade will remain as intended for a very long time, and the combination of VistaClad and Ultraspan can be used in a variety of flexible applications to suit all store layouts and formats going forward.” – Arnoldt Visser, Eva-Last


Finding the South African climate a challenge in meeting branding specifications making use of timber products, international home improvement, gardening, and DIY retailer Leroy Merlin selected two Eva-Last composite cladding and framework products to provide a primary branding background that was consistent in look and feel, cost-competitive and which outperformed timber alternatives.

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