Everlasting Memories Of The Great Outdoors

Most of life’s greatest memories are made in the great outdoors – from romantic proposals on breath-taking viewing decks to heartfelt “I do’s” on rustic riverside gazebos, from fun in the sun at the poolside to après ski on the sundeck in Chamonix, from hearty family feasts on the outdoor patio, to long, lonely walks along winding beachfront promenades. The great outdoors undoubtedly provides the greatest backdrop for unforgettable good times.
To create everlasting memories and really enjoy Mother Nature’s bounty and beauty, you need the right environment with facilities built using the right building materials – materials that seamlessly blend into the background enabling maximum enjoyment with minimum fuss; materials designed to enhance the environment without detracting from it; materials that will stand the test of time. For just as the sun and the sea, or the snow and the seasons are charming canvases to play out life’s precious moments, these elements can also wreak havoc on any outdoor area.

Let’s take a look at a few characteristics of what makes a great outdoor space:

Outdoor Living Epitomized

Whether it’s a patio in your backyard or a platform in a national park, a walkway along the promenade of your favorite vacation destination, or an outdoor entertainment area with a pool deck on your property, a deck – and safety railing, where necessary – epitomizes outdoor living and is the ideal facility to enjoy the environment.
Decks and outdoor facilities such as pergolas, gazebos, and outdoor entertainment areas, even arches, should enhance the environment, not detract from it. In fact, they should facilitate or draw attention to its natural advantages such as gorgeous views, provide shade or shelter from the wind or sun, and be able to withstand the demands of exposure to the elements.
Eva-Last’s Apex, Pioneer, Infinity, and Eva-tech decks will enhance any exterior by recreating the natural beauty and patterns of wood, without the inevitable drawbacks of rot, splinters, cracks, or insect infestations. Engineered to combine character with convenience, their various board profiles and accessories come in the natural tones and textures of timber with a durable surface layer to protect from scuffs, scratches, fading, or degradation.
Lightweight Ultraspan architectural beams can be used to erect shady pergolas or to build an arch as a focal point that draws attention to a specific feature, all creating an attractive decorative effect in any outdoor area.
Any exterior wall, shed, or façade and perimeter boundary can be instantly transformed with an attractive, weather-resistant shell such as VistaClad that is organic, easy to clean, and guaranteed to withstand the wear-and-tear of time, temperature fluctuations, and trends.

Access To Unused Or Inaccessible Spaces

Decks and walkways offer improved access to the great outdoors to enhance your experience of it. Not only can you easily extend your living space outwards by installing a deck but it’s also a great way to convert ugly, unused areas into pleasant places…think terraced gardens with multi-level stairways, courtyard pergolas for that morning coffee, firepits in an unused corner of the garden…
Decks and walkways could also provide access to an area that would otherwise be inaccessible. A deck creates a useful platform with the necessary support structure to help you realize the potential of a space – or a view – that would normally be too difficult to reach…think viewing deck over a lake or rocky outcrop, veranda with a view over a steep stand, elevated walkways through a canopy of trees, high-rise or rooftop balconies….the possibilities are endless. The key is the facility provides the functionality for a fuss-free outdoor experience.
Please consult qualified professionals and work with a reputable product supplier such as Eva-Last to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Cleanliness And Comfort

This may seem obvious but every enjoyable outdoor experience no doubt took place in clean and comfortable conditions. Messy, dirty, and broken or damaged facilities are not conducive to pleasant experiences and may be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Most amazing outdoor spaces are clean and tidy without any obvious damage that can cause harm or discomfort during use.
This is where the materials you use to construct your deck, rail, or pergola become critical. And while budget constraints are important considerations, you should always buy the best you can afford for your long-term satisfaction.
“Inspired by Nature, Designed for Life”, Eva-Last’s extensive ranges of composite building materials are specifically designed to enhance the outdoor environment. Made from recycled plastic combined with fast-growing, flexible bamboo fibers, Eva-Last’s composite decks, rails, cladding, and beams are naturally beautiful and are guaranteed to create a lasting impression.
“We’ve made it our business to develop products that are not only attractive, but also eco-friendly, easy-to-install, and the ultimate in low-maintenance, leaving you free to create those precious memories,” says Nathan Chapman, co-founder and vice-president of sales and marketing at Eva-Last.