Composite Applications For Outdoor Screening


Screening can be used to give your outdoor or indoor area privacy, can create a separation of areas, or just add a touch of unique style and design to your domestic or commercial space. Eva-Last bamboo composite allows you to create beautiful wood-look screening that is low-maintenance and an eco-friendly alternative to natural wood.
Eva-Last has three bamboo composite ranges, Pioneer, Apex, Infinity and Eva-tech each of which offer functional and aesthetic benefits for screening applications. Each is weather resistant, splinter-free, moisture resistant and offer the look of timber without the maintenance challenges. Using Eva-Last composite to create that wood-look aesthetic, will ensure rotting, warping, splitting, cracking, and twisting are a thing of the past. Each Eva-Last composite also offers stain and UV resistance to preserve the inherent colour of outdoor screens even in areas of intense sunlight.


Decorative screening is a broad term that, as the name suggests, is created for aesthetics more than practical purposes. Your personal style is the most important factor when choosing which Eva-Last bamboo composite product to use for this application. When selecting the correct composite for decorative screening, consider not only the colour and surface finish you prefer, but also which size profile is best for the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Most screening applications are visible from both sides, so this means you need to choose a composite profile which is double sided. Eva-Last fascia boards are both double sided and being a thinner board are suited for applications that are weight-sensitive and are cost-effective.

Other screening options are to use Eva-tech balusters to give you a more refined look using a narrower product with smaller gaps and ultimately the look of a solid feature wall, that is both architecturally and visually appealing.

A screening option which is growing in popularity is that of using our Ultraspan architectural beams with their lightweight aluminium core, coated with Eva-tech composite. They can be installed in a vertical or horizontal orientation and offer a long-lasting screening solution that adds both a design and functional flair to your outdoor commercial or domestic space.


Screening can offer much needed privacy between properties and can be a game changer for your outdoor living space. Whilst aesthetic considerations are important when it comes to selecting the best composite for privacy screening, structural and durability considerations are also important. Thanks to Eva-Lasts unique natural wood look composites you can now have the best of both worlds. A beautiful aesthetic and a durable long term screening product. If you are creating more of a privacy fence, then any of the Eva-Last fascia boards will work well, and comes down to the cost, colour and finish which suits your project. Smaller privacy screening on patios as an example, can again make use of the Lifespan beams or the Eva-tech composite balusters, dependent on the design or look you are wanting to achieve.


Our bamboo composite is not just versatile but flexible, allowing you to bend it to create a showstopping weavola. Whether you choose different coloured boards for a style statement or stick to a one colour option for a more uniform look, a weavola brings distinction to your outdoor area. Each of our bamboo composite ranges gives you reliability, low maintenance, and weather resistance in a range of natural shades. We recommend first determining which look and price point best suits your space and budget and then selecting the fascia board within your chosen range to complete your weavola.

There is no wrong choice when it comes to selecting an Eva-Last composite range for your decorative screening project. Find the look and size that best suits your space and turn your outdoor dream space into a reality.