Composite Applications For Gates & Garage Doors

Composite gates, doors, and garage doors can be designed to add a sleek modern touch or traditional natural look to your home or commercial space. Eva-Last bamboo composite is both low-maintenance and durable to make your gates, doors, and garage doors a long-term investment in your safety, and their thoughtfully crafted selection of natural colors and surface finishes add to your property’s curb appeal and general aesthetic.


Eva-Last offers four advanced bamboo composite ranges, Pioneer, Apex, Infinity,  and Eva-tech. Each provides impressive weather and UV resistance to preserve the inherent color of your gates, doors, and garage doors. They are also resistant to stains, scratches, and moisture issues that result in warping, rotting, cracking, or twisting, and offer protection against insects. In short, Eva-Last composite is a steadfast, highly durable material, ideal for use in gates, doors, and garage doors.

To help you navigate which composite technology range and board type would be best suited for your gate, door, or garage door project, we’ve made two recommendations below. We do, however, suggest you browse the color and surface finish options for each range to see which style would best suit your project.

Our top choice

Apex fascia boards are our top choice for constructing a gate, garage door, or door, particularly if it is for a large structure. Apex’s unique lightweight bamboo foamed-PVC composition with polymer capping makes it easy to work with and will ensure your final product is not too heavy, which could put strain on hinges or motors. This is especially important when it comes to frequently used or large format gates or garage doors.

A Most cost-effective choice

If you are looking for a more cost-effective solution, Eva-tech bamboo composite fascia boards are ideal. Eva-tech is a time-tested composite range, and its color range adds a sleek look to your doors, gates, or garage. While Eva-tech is an uncapped composite, it still boasts a ten-year warranty and is an economical alternative to creating the look you want.

Whichever Eva-Last composite technology you choose, enjoy the feeling of selecting a material that’s better for the Earth, easier to maintain, and adds good looks along with stability to your residential or commercial space.