5 Key Considerations For Outdoor Upgrades

Outdoor areas play a major part in creating first impressions and can serve to either attract or detract from your property’s curb appeal. By adding a beautiful outdoor facility that you can enjoy right away, you not only improve its attractiveness and utility immediately, but you also increase its resale value over time.
Here are five key considerations for outdoor upgrades to unlock your property’s potential:


This may seem obvious, but the kind of lifestyle you lead or wish to lead or the functionality you require should guide your decision on what outdoor upgrades you should consider. Are you an entertainer? Do you like to do outdoor yoga? Do you need a quiet space to read and relax or to send the kids to play safely outside? Be it a patio or pergola, a pool deck, or a firepit, all of these questions should be answered before you decide what kind of outdoor upgrade will add value to your property.
Once those questions are answered, it’s very easy to extend your living space to create exactly what you need to meet your outdoor needs and expectations. Modern composite building materials such as Eva-Last’s decking, pergola beams, and privacy screens are designed with these spaces in mind and you can find inspirational images and articles on our website. They offer quick and easy solutions to create beautiful outdoor spaces. Not only are you increasing the available area to live, work, or play, you’re adding a beautiful aesthetic that enhances your property’s appeal.


Once you’ve decided what to build, it’s also important to consider the seasons and prevailing weather – you may need shelter from the wind, rain or snow, perhaps sun protection and shade is a bigger factor for your particular location. Whether it’s a patio that opens out from the lounge, or a split-level entertainment area for parties or Pilates, be sure to select the most suitable products, designed to withstand the elements – you don’t want to spend your weekends fixing or maintaining your porch! Look for durable, weather-resistant options such as Eva-Last’s range of composite materials. Made from recycled plastic combined with flexible, fast-growing bamboo fibers, Eva-Last composite products, unlike wood, require very little maintenance. Plus, they’re backed by up to 30-year warranties and are designed to outlast even the toughest timbers.


Another seemingly obvious consideration is the safety and security of your property that enhance or detract from its perceived value. Are there any glaring gaps in your home’s safety measures such as rickety rails, uneven steps, or a rotten deck or substructure? What about the structure and securing of your pergola’s overhead beams? When you consider upgrading these types of areas, it’s not just about choosing products with the right aesthetic. It’s about ensuring the products have a reputation of reliability, testing and compliance that meets required building codes, and warranties that give you peace of mind that this is an investment into your property.

Fashionable Finishes And Colors

Cover up imperfections and add that WOW factor to your property’s façade or exterior walls with convenient, durable, and beautiful VistaClad cladding from Eva-Last. You’ll instantly update the face of the building, and it won’t scratch, fade, or chip and peel like your usual annual paint job! How about an attractive soffit to cover up an ugly ceiling? VistaClad’s interlocking cladding boards simply fasten onto a hidden clip strip for a seamless, secure skin suitable for any wall or ceiling, even curved ones.
In addition to the desired aesthetic appeal, the orientation or aspect of your property also influences your choice of color – is it facing the sun, or do you need to maximize light and spaciousness? Do you need to consider heat underfoot or temperature control? Lighter shades are better suited to hotter climates and darker shades tend to absorb more heat. Enjoy the good looks of wood in places you never thought possible without the worries of rotting in the rain or fading in the sun. Eva-Last’s advanced composite technologies guarantee a colorfast product that ensures your surface will stay the shade you selected for many years to come.


Once you’ve done your installation, it’s important to keep the area clean and tidy with minimal fuss and expense. This is where the quality of your product will be most evident – cutting costs at the outset may be costly in the long run with expensive maintenance and upkeep requirements, or, even worse, replacement. To protect the intrinsic value of your investment, consider the ongoing maintenance requirements of your proposed deck, walkway, pergola, or cladding. This is where engineered composite materials like Eva-Last outperform their natural counterparts, needing only a simple wipe or wash to remove any excess dirt or debris, and their very structure resists degradation or infestation by insects. As a leading supplier of bamboo composite building materials to countries around the world, Eva-Last offers the latest in material technology and product excellence for the built environment.
“Our experience has been our guide over the years and we pride ourselves on always having our finger on the pulse of things. We work hard to develop products and improvements that not only beautify the built environment and outdoor areas but also add convenience and simplicity in the process,” says CEO and co-founder, Marc Minne.